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You may be a horse lover who has a horse of your own or you may just have a love horses without owning any. Either way, there’s knowledge here for you to gain.


If you own horses, you’ll find a myriad of information here to aide your ownership. If you don’t own horses, you can use this site to easily increase your horse knowledge.


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Horses are the largest animal with which most humans can form a lasting bond. They are the subject of great interest and mystery. Being physically in the presence of a horse has a calming effect on many of us, such that we lose track of time. We hope this site will provide you somewhat of a virtual contact with horses. We also hope it will allow you to lose yourself for a while in discovering a few of the aspects of the world of horses of particular use to you and unravel some of the mystery of the horse you’ve been wanting to research.  


To help you relax and get started on your journey, take a couple minutes to read  a few Kentucky Derby Stories. As you'll see, these stories are about Derby fans experiences. There's the race itself and there's the fan happenings associated with the race. The stories may be about either or both.


Then, if you have your own Kentucky Derby story and would like to share it, send it to We can’t pay you for it. But your chances of having it posted on our site are pretty good. Try to keep it to a 1000 word or less.


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